Practical Tips When Confronted With Post-Storm Damage In New Orleans

Storm Damage in New Orleans: What You Can Do

The New Orleans area can be in the path of significant seasonal storms, including weather systems from tropical depression through hurricanes that bring personal and community-altering destruction to many businesses and homeowners. The storm damage done in New Orleans frequently rises to a severity that requires professional intervention. Until the experts arrive here are some realistic efforts affected residents can take to protect and prevent further damage to storm compromised property.

Safety First

Before undertaking a thorough inspection of the damage avoid areas and structures affected by downed power lines. Be alert if you smell natural gas and do not allow a flame in the area to avoid fire or explosion. Either of these factors may require evacuation of the building immediately as it should be assumed that the lines are live or may have electricity restored during the evaluation and that the gas is flowing. Keep an eye out for broken glass, nails, screws, splintered wood, and jagged, twisted metal.

If in doubt about the safety of evaluating your New Orleans property further review should wait until you receive an all clear from the utility company. A restoration company is familiar with the complications arising from storm-related power and gas line damage and can guide your next steps once they arrive onsite.

Start At The Top

Check the roof for holes, split seams and missing flashings, damage and loss of shingles, and loose gutters and downspouts. Use tarps to cover up holes if the damaged area is safely reachable. Otherwise, work on protecting interiors and possessions inside the building with tarps, shower curtains, blankets, or other coverings draped over at-risk items and spaces.

Complete board up and tarping tasks are one of the first jobs a New Orleans restoration company completes, Do not hesitate to contact a reliable company to get this preliminary step going. Leave the removal of trees, branches, and utility poles to experts.

Windows, Doors, And Siding

Do a check of doors and windows as they endure considerable strain during the storm. Secure them as well as you can, being sure to take care around the shattered glass. Conduct a visual inspection of the exterior of your building, including the external components of appliances like air conditioners.

A listing of damages apparent to you can help you advise the restoration company you engage. Returning your property to pre-loss damage requires your honest assessment of the damage caused by the storm and not related to issues that pre-date this New Orleans area severe weather event.

Sensible Reaction To Standing Water

If the storm flooded your lower levels, turn on any sump pump or other water evacuation system when it is safe to re-engage the power. Move possessions to higher levels if possible, although you need to be aware water saturated articles are weighty. Have available for the New Orleans disaster restoration company information about mechanical systems and appliances in the flooded areas.

Make A Record

As you do each inspection, take pictures with date stamps on your mobile phone or other devices. These may provide support for insurance claims and can be added to documentation that an experienced storm recovery company builds during restoration efforts.

Contact A Reliable Restoration Company Immediately

Even though there are jobs you can begin on your own, do not delay your call to an experienced New Orleans storm mitigation company. The faster the trained technicians arrive with specialized equipment and years of experience the more likely your home or business avoids permanent, irreparable harm after the storm.

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