Causes Of And Solutions To Non-Storm Water Damage In New Orleans

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Causes of Non-Storm Related Water Damage in New Orleans’ Homes

Because hurricanes and storm surge make headlines in New Orleans during seasonal storms, water damage in our area may all seem weather related. Although the heavy rains and flooding that can follow are a significant water damage cause, many more ordinary events within your home are at the root of expensive and dangerous water damage.

Although they create emergencies affecting your property, the following water damage scenarios do not need a weather emergency to occur. Property owners can avoid the disruption of many potential water damage events with vigilance and routine maintenance.

Appliance Malfunction

Dish and clothes washers, ice machines, air conditioners, and water heaters are just some of the appliances that make life in New Orleans comfortable and convenient. All of these appliances have vulnerabilities that can cause water damage. Loose connections, burst hoses, broken seals, damaged pumps, and condensation all deposit water on floors, behind walls, and over ceilings. The quantity of water can be significant and require professional removal and drying.

Regular inspection of the workings of appliances that use or condense water can avoid damage before it happens. Consider replacing worn out models with more energy and water efficient options. The expense of repair or replacement is small in contrast to the cost of water damage remediation in your New Orleans home.

Plumbing Leaks

A frank break of a pipe sends gallons of water under cabinets, through ceilings, and between walls. This type of water damage necessitates quick action and a call to professional water loss remediators, employing high-efficiency pumps and extractors followed by air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to dry out the space. More common are small leaks or seepage from tiny cracks in pipes or loose connections.

These often hidden leaks slowly saturate drywall and floors, contributing to the progressive deterioration of a dwelling structural components and fixtures. By the time the homeowner discovers the leak, permanent damage may require the removal of sodden building materials before the air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers return moisture levels to normal. Calculating how much of a damaged wall or floor should be demolished and how to return remaining building materials to the pre-loss condition is best done by a restoration professional.

Keeping plumbing in good repair avoids these issues, Never ignore a small leak as it eventually shows the potential to cause severe problems in a New Orleans property.

Climate Control Chaos

Air conditioners have drainage lines and coils that clog and drip the water condensed onto surfaces and structures. Although the climate of New Orleans typically avoids extremely low temperatures, frozen pipes are not unheard of during chilly stretches. Exposure to the cold temperatures freezes the liquid in the pipes. The freezing causes pipes to crack, allowing water to saturate building materials when the weather warms.

Both kinds of water damage can build up over time. Structures can gradually lose strength and even develop mold infestations that further damage building materials. Individuals sensitive to mold spores and byproducts can experience breathing problems and other irritations when mold colonies multiply.

Property owners should inspect AC units and clear plugged lines and clean and dry water collecting on coils. The slow yet steady water damage linked to these scenarios needs the attention of skilled remediators. Selective demolition and repair combined with microbial containment and removal may be indicated, as well as applied structural drying techniques to bring moisture levels to normal in an affected New Orleans location.

Contact a reliable water damage restoration company if water damage linked to these causes is noted. The specialized equipment and trained technicians available from certified water damage remediation firms give water compromised New Orleans buildings the best chance at a return to pre-loss condition


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